In 1985, Braxton Harris Sr. founded BHC, based on the dire industry need for excellent products and service that was not offered by the competition. Today the same founding principles are in effect. Our broad product line of over 13,000 items, ship same-day policy and consistency in offering quality products keep our customers coming back!  See what they can offer you for COVID-19 mitigation.

​Braxton Harris

In the wake of COVID-19, we have received a number of calls from customers requesting products for Sanitary Solutions. These products have been installed for urgent projects which include; Healthcare facilities, Grocery/retail establishments, Construction sites and more.

Common products requested:

Electronic Sensor faucets
Hand Sink & Electronic Sensor Faucet packages 
Foot and knee pedal operated handwash stations
Manual Faucets with Wrist Blade handles

New Sanitation requirements could soon mean that many customers will be switching from traditional manual faucets to Electronic Sensor faucets and other touchless options.

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This page is dedicated to promoting products to mitigate COVID-19.

We have the solution for your commercial wash station pumping! The Model 405 is a high temperature commercial drain pump perfect for gray wastewater drainage, multi-compartment sinks, sanitation stations, dishwashers, and wash stations. It features an access cover for easy serviceability and alarm models. Choose from a standard alarm or a NightEye® alarm, which notifies you when your pump is not working properly.
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